Pärnu storage containers

We have been offering storage container service near Pärnu, at Keskuse Street 2, Sauga since 2019.
The territory is under video surveillance, for an additional fee it is possible to apply a surveillance service provided by a security company.
Warehouse boxes can be installed as needed and there will be a total of 16 separate storage rooms.
Furthermore, four guarded special storage spaces for recreational cars will be completed within the same area in 2020.

All storage containers are equal to new, ventilated boxes constructed in 2017+ with the neat appearance and a secured door, which are suitable for storing furniture, vehicles, goods, clothes and anything else necessary.
Each container is equipped with an easy-to-open door, a factory-fitted lock guard and additional ventilation.
These storage containers are perfectly suited for any storage need whatsoever:

*Winter equipment
*Summer equipment
*Technical devices
*Different types of vehicles
*Sports equipment
*Spare parts
It is possible to request extra storage shelves to deposit items more conveniently.

Pärnu container park is under 24/7 video surveillance and is located at Keskuse Street 2, Sauga.


Gaasi 7, Tallinn, 11415


(+372) 53 999 919
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